Monday, November 15, 2010

Wow - A Blog!

A gratefully grazing flock of ewes
There's a place for my followers? Wow - now I know why I waited so long to start a pressure right:)I do get the itch to write every now and then, with mass numbers of journals and eye wear laying around the house..I've decided to lay down the pen for a bit and share some of my journeys publicly. At times I tend to drag on about the details, but my first entry will be short and sweet! 

With the season of Fall all around me, the colors sing melodious music to me and the farm animals. With the leaves fading and falling to the ground, the goats see a leaf buffet stretched out across the fields. Leaves being one of their favorite treats and now finally within their reach, they snatch them up 2,3 and 4 at a time. The snatched up leaves uncover blades of tender grass that remained untouched by recent frosts. The goats joyfully move on, leaving the grass while preferring the drying leaves. The sheep seize the opportunity and graciously graze the newly uncovered patches of deliciousness - savoring each bite. Sheep and goats living so beautifully and harmoniously together, joy and grace all wrapped up in 1 pastured moment. So often I fret about future bounty of grass, then God sends me a wistful little goat that uncovers an opportunity that was under my nose the entire time. I'm reminded of a delightful saying by Barbara Johnson that states, "Don't waste today's time cluttering up tomorrow's opportunities with yesterday's troubles! Allow your hours of stressing to be turned into showers of blessing." Perspective is everything! So whether your the goat or the sheep, the opportunity is there and there's much to be discovered. Enjoy your day dear friends!

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