Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Soap Room

The milk on the farm has now come to a complete stand still. For the past year, we have milked every day...rain, shine, scorching heat & frigid between jobs away from the farm, ball games, chatty teenagers, band practice, church, dinner, chauffeuring teenagers, homework, birthday parties, silly teenagers, family get-togethers, breakfast, school, grumbling teenagers, chores, sleeping...every day! It was our first full year in milk and it was a good one. But now it's time for the girls to rest while they finish growing those beautiful babies that will be showing their sweet faces in just a couple more months. 
Goat Milk Soap
With no more everyday milk, cheese & milk shares are done for the season. Which leaves me some extra time for SOAP. All year long, I stored loads of milk in the freezer..preparing for these next couple months. So while the pregnant girls on the farm are resting, I will be soaping! Soap, to me, is probably one of the most interesting of all the things I create..imagination, creativity and it's all done in my favorite room in the house, the kitchen! If a person likes to cook, it's quite possible they will love to make soap! Blackberry Sorbet, Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry Daiquiri, Twisted Tangerine, Warm Peppermint Tea, Cherry Blossom...just to name a few. These are all new on the soap both goat & sheep milk. All soaps are made using the cold press method and contain at least 50% olive oil, which produces a creamy moisturizing lather that...I think everyone loves! Little bars, chunky bars, round bars, sheep shaped bars...addicted to soaping...yes quite possibly I am. Milk soaps are wonderful! But don't just take my word for it, come check out these goat & sheep milk soaps for yourself - The Soap Room welcomes you anytime and will have you at the first sniff!
Sheep Milk Soap