Friday, March 11, 2011

Morning chores

After attempting to fill the bottomless bellies of each and every farm critter, I check on my very pregnant sign of lambs to have coffee with my goat girls and share a bit of cheek scratching & morning chit chat. The roosters are crowing as I slosh through the mud on my first egg hunt of the day...a trail of soggy, bouncing puppies follows me. There was a down-pour last night, at the crack of down the fields are green and cheery and I can't seem to take my eyes off them. The steer nestles next to his hay bale, soaking up the morning sun...all is well....

the Eggs are now gathered, sorted & washed

the Goat Milk Soap is cut & curing

all 9 pups got their 1st booster shots & deworming

and the shepherdess rests for a spell before the afternoon begins.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Come on Spring....

Eggs in the Bator
This is my first experimental hatch, all the eggs came from our free range hens - all brown egg layers. Possible breeds - Barred Rocks, RIR, Iowa Blue, Maran & Red Star. I have 2 breeds of Roos - RIR & Iowa Blue. So there's a grand mixture going on here and experimentation in several ways...but exciting none the less!

 Choosing an incubator was an experience all it's own, do you know there's literally dozens of brands out there? I had NO idea! After some research, I decided on the Genesis Hova-Bator. It has a see through top (a selling quality for the nosey Shepherdess) and well, right on the front of the box it says, "World's Best Small Incubator" - so how could I refuse? Upon opening the box I realize the Hova-Bator is styrofoam. No where did I read the word styrofoam on the box or the online ads, surprise #1. Surprise #2, 3 & 4 came as I began reading the instructions. Wow, so much was involved..this was gonna take preparation! Humidity, temperature, turning, egg marking/candling...maybe I was in too far over my head. I do not egg-zagerate (sorry couldn't resist) when I say that it took me several days to read the instruction manual..and understand it! With all this behind me, the incubator is now up and running, full of babies to be...perhaps this will encourage Spring to come quickly! After all, a baby chick needs that warm Spring sunshine to thrive...the baby chicks and ME. I don't think I've ever been more ready for the warmer temps to stick around, than I am now.

Lambing is just around the corner...goat kids follow shortly after. Spring must be on the way right, me and all these babies are depending on it!