Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Holly's Day

the cake we don't have camels
My children are always amidst the largest part of all my favorite seasons. Last week our youngest turned can time fly by this fast? 

We spent a week in celebration of this sweet girl - a week that included most of her favorite things.A trip to the zoo (where we left our mass array of furry creatures and paid money to see and feed someone else's), a pizza lunch with some of her favorite people, an unforgettable night at the movies with more of her favorite people and an evening at home with cake, music, a baby goat and the family that cherishes her..all of her favorite things.
a sky view of the zoo
Entertaining the fam

Razzle goat

Happy Birthday Holly!


  1. I love the blog Swooze. You are an amazing person and so inspirational. SO impressed! :)