Monday, May 30, 2011

A Summer Love Story

Derek, Megan & Holly - my love story
8th grade graduation

The flies, swim suits, heat, humidity and longer days are here...veggies in the garden, herb beds are lively and thriving...but summer is not officially here in our house, until school is out! Two half days left of hitting the books...then summer is officially official! Summer is the shortest and busiest of seasons for is out, soft ball is winding down, baby animals are all on the ground, garden is in full swing - which means..weeding, picking and preserving is endless! We won't even mention the mowing and extra farm work. How I love this time of year though, I look forward to having the children (ahem..young adults) home...laughter mixed in with silliness everyday...watching them be the people that I'm so proud of. If I could write a love song...this is what would inspire it!
This has nothing to do with
the summer love story, we are just
relieved the shearing is done!

Meg up to bat

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