Saturday, July 23, 2011


Milk bounty
 The refrigerators are full and overflowing...these days every person and critter gets milk for dinner! With some of our girls giving 2 gallons a day each, milk is at it's peak. About half the milk we get goes into cheese, then our shareholders pick up their milk, then the rest is all for farm use...there's milk bread, milk infused dinners, ice cream, milk bone dog treats...milk everything! The doggies here, do not complain and neither do the hens - they will follow a milk bucket anywhere! Raw milk is a staple in their daily diet. They cheerfully partake of the bounty without a single complaint.
Jewel, the Cavalier who owns us, anticipating her milk treat
On the other hand, the humans here on an average day, spend about 6 hours - milking, feeding, cleaning and tending to the personal care of all the farm creatures. A goal in the future would be to milk just once a day, wow - wouldn't that be a treat!?! Some of the farm milk recipients may protest but I'm doubtful any humans would. When the milk season is at it's peak, one may notice the farmers tend to be dragging. After all getting the milk out of the girls and into the fridge is only the beginning...a cheesemaker's work is never done!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Me, Cheese & 5am

There's nothing like the smell of whey first thing in the beats coffee hands down. The rest of the family disagrees however, which leaves me thinking it must be a cheesemaker thing. Cheers to cheese!

the whey

the curd

the fabulous Feta