Sunday, August 7, 2011

From feral to farm

Meet Hunter & Trigger, once city roamers and now true country boys! Our farm may have been the only farm on the planet that didn't house a feline until now. So with the mouse population growing by the hour, we took the opportunity to transplant these ferals into barn help. After a couple of weeks of settling in, it seems as if they were meant to be farmers..bouncing right into their duties, taking advantage of anything that resembles a napping hammock, cleaning up after a messy milker, rubbing a weary leg or giving a satisfied purr every time someone enters their quarters... it's hard to imagine life in the barn without them now. It appears even the mice have taken a liking to them..hoping that changes soon!

A few reasons why farm life seems to suit these tabbies:
The naps

The company (& their massages)
The action

(Joan Brocklehurst)
When in the barn, on nights of storm
As icy draughts pierce every nook
The farm cats sleep the hours away
Snug and warm in their nests of hay.

When moonlight paints a tranquil scene
Abroad they prowl on hunting bent
In search of rabbit, bird or rat -
A welcome meal for a hungry cat.

In meadow warmed by summer's sun
They roam at ease by hedge and stream
To seek a fledgling or a vole
Or track a field mouse to his hole.

The vixen screams from copse afar
Her cries ring shrill on the wintry air
The farm cats raise their listening heads
They sink once more to their strawy beds.
Why chase mice when you can nap...the end

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