Monday, August 8, 2011

Of course you can make your own buttermilk..

 One question I'm asked so often...can I make buttermilk from milk? Absolutely! Here's my easy peasy process...ENJOY!

REAL Buttermilk:
Take your cream jar out of the frig. Stir in 2 or 3 large spoonfuls of clabbered milk (see below). Stir well. Let sit out for the day on your counter - uncovered - either cover with a towel or leave the lid VERY loose. Check periodically to see if it has thickened. You may have to leave it overnight. Use this thick cream to make butter. The resulting "buttermilk" will be thick and yummy and excellent for baking or culturing cheese.

Clabbered milk is a staple in my kitchen. I have a jar of it sitting out all the time. Whenever I use any, I just add a bit of milk back into it.
Clabber is naturally soured milk. Take a 1/2 quart of fresh milk and leave it out (cover with a towel or cheese cloth, but it must be able to breathe). Wait for it to clabber. Depending on the temperature in your house this could take one to three days. You are looking for it to be thick like pudding. It will smell very sour and while you can use it at this point, it's probably too sour. Dump half the jar out and replace with fresh milk and mix. Let that sit a day till it "clabbers" again. It won't be so sour now. You could even dump half of this and make a 3rd generation if it's too sour. I leave mine out, but it can be refrigerated. When I need some, I scrape the clabbered cream off the top and toss that, then spoon out whatever clabbered milk I need and refill the jar with fresh milk. Just keep the little clabber garden going. What do you use it for?

  • Starter for cottage cheese
  • Starter for sour cream
  • Starter for cultured butter
  • Add texture to baked goods such as pancakes, bread, muffins.

Cheaters Buttermilk:
Simply add vinegar, lemon juice or citric acid to your Raw milk and let sit for 10 min until thickened. You can't use it for a starter, but it works great as a substitute for the real thing, when you're baking!

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