Monday, November 14, 2011

a goat nanny for the week..

Mr Cash and the girls, Maple & Lilly
So what does a goat farmer do when asked if they would allow their buck to service a couple of sweet little does...well, I cleared out a paddock and said, bring in the girls! I knew Mr Cash would be delighted at the first whiff. And this time of year, he can smell a fertile female from a long ways away!  Mr Cash is a handsome Chamoisee French Alpine with a black dorsal. His black dorsal really has some height to it and the scur that grew back, after the dehorning, looks like a neatly arranged horn hat that sits perfectly between his erect ears. Quite irresistible to a couple of does I would think. He urinates on his face and curls his lip with the anticipation of the girls entering his paddock - it's possibly heaven on earth for Mr Cash. The girls were not nearly as excited as Mr Cash, they were ready for home at the very moment they arrived. And so my goat nannying days began...doing all I can to make a couple of frightened girls feel welcome and at home. In no time at all, Mr Cash was quickly put in his place..anxious or not..the girls were in charge! And without hesitation, Mr Cash complied. He eats when the girls are done and escorts them on strolls around the paddock, he stands patiently in line at the water trough and waits his turn to bask in the sunshine on the favorite patch of clover..he may be a goat but he's also a gentleman. He sure has lightened the load of my goat nanny duties. And now that the girls have completely adjusted to Mr Cash and our routine, it's time for them to head home. Mr Cash did his job and the girls will be mama's to some pretty little Alpine kids come Spring.

Mr Cash and his horn hat

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