Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catching up with lambs..

With so much that's transpired over the past few months, I've put blogging on the back burner. In December, I lost 2 very dear people in my life...my Grandparents. My sister & I sat in the Nursing home holding my Grandpa's hands and singing hymns as he passed from this earth and entered into his heavenly home. I can not begin to describe the honor I felt to be there with him at that moment. Of all the times he held my hand as a child growing up, it was now my turn to be do that for him. A couple of short weeks later, my Grandmother joined her sweetheart of 64 years in their new heavenly mansion. I was priveleged again to be there with Grandma as she said goodbye to all of us, to walk with her to the gates of glory and then to let her go. These moments will be forever etched in my heart. To share something so precious and personal with people you love, was a beautiful and holy experience. I have found myself not even knowing how to put such an experience into words. It was simply holy.
Grandpa & Grandma Weaver

And even through the heaviest of moments, time did not stop...the end of December, hubby put in some extra hours and finished the farmhouse and we were able to wake up Christmas morning in a brand new home on the farm. The best gift our family could have asked for! The New Year brought around some new changes with our work schedules and then the end of January, I lost a dear Uncle and friend. My dad's youngest brother, a wonderful father, a passionate man of God, a loyal husband, a state trooper and a friend to all. His death was unexpected and quickly reminded us how short life is..to hold each other closely and not take a single minute for granted.

Uncle Steve Benson

...And again, time did not stop. The hours, days and weeks continue to roll on by and we have now entered into the busiest time of year for us...Lambing! And I'm not sure anything says sweet, better than a newborn lamb.

Hello world

Twin Ewes born to Babe


  1. Susie - It's so lovely to see Babe and her twins! I hope the rest of your lambing is happy and calm.


  2. Marcy! Wonderful to hear from you - so glad you checked in on us, I will be sure and tell the girls :)We had our last lamb of the season yesterday, it's been a grand one! Think about you often, hoping things are well with you!