Sunday, April 8, 2012

milk and plenty

New paint!

Did you bring coffee?
New parlor


With labor, delivery and all things prenatal all behind us, we find ourselves quickly filling up our days with a few other things and taking full advantage of the beautiful Spring sunshine! The veggie garden is also underway, as well as the weeds. Tommy's planted some blueberry bushes,  fruit trees and a WONDERFUL little blackberry patch! I can for see this little patch of briars becoming one of my future favorite spots for me and the canines to unwind.
My newest hatch - what's Spring without a few baby chicks?!

Most of the girls are still nursing babies but the weaning process has begun. So morning milkings are busy and the milk pails are overflowing! With plenty of milk to go around, our Share season is in start up mode. And where there's milk...there's marvelous cheese! Our retail shops are also now stocked with my luxurious Sheep's Milk lotions. The season of milk & plenty has arrived!


Triplets :)

Happy Easter!

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