Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's in the bed I make

For those who know me well, this will come as no surprise...but I am no housekeeper :) My house and all that's in it, is basic and no frills. At any given moment, I'd rather be outdoors in the garden, with the animals or taking a walk, than concerning myself with anything indoors. There is no sweeter sound than birds singing first thing in the morning or the frog serenades at bedtime. I really do love everything about the outdoors! Even though there's allergies...the windows in the house are nearly always open.

Many years ago, as a young married mom, I struggled much with my role as the homemaker. The endless laundry, diapers, dinner and clean-ups. Much of my time was spent hoping the days would pass quickly, so I could get back to doing the things I enjoyed and felt I was missing out on.

Then an opportunity arose through a group of church ladies, to attend a Women of Faith conference in a nearby state. I reluctantly said I'd go, simply because I felt like I needed the time away. On the 2nd day of the conference as I sat in the middle of a massive stadium with women from every race, religion and background, I heard God speaking directly to me. The words from Matthew 25 were being read by someone I had never seen or heard of before but she spoke straight from my heart. Conviction showed how I rarely even made my bed. If I could not be cheerful and obedient in the smallest of things, how could He ever trust me with more?! How could I move onto the next phase of my life without surrendering my attitude, my heart and my home to Him at this phase. I have always taken much joy from the really simple things in life and did not realize until that very moment that I had been missing out on joy by not doing even the simplest of tasks, like making my bed.

That was nearly 15 years ago and my bed has not went unmade since, unless I am in it. Even in a tent, a motel, sick days...the bed gets made. The rest of the house, I won't get into :) but the bed is made! The powerful promise in that verse has blessed me far beyond what I could ever deserve, to be faithful and obedient. To surrender even the smallest of things, not only changed my attitude but my life. Reap joy my friends..and make your bed :)

"His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!' Matt 25:23

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