Sunday, July 29, 2012

the baby goat saga continues..

nap time..they hate naps

 Just when all the baby goats are weaned and the majority have found new homes and we are feeling a little more like farmers rather than goat nannies - Honeysuckle delivers triplets! And so the consistent flow of bottles and potty clean ups start all over again. Honeysuckle is a Boer/Alpine cross doe and has the sweetest milk I've ever saying I can't wait to get her milk into my fridge, is an understatement. After all, the milk is what makes our farm life go around. So for this reason alone, baby goats are always a welcome sight. Then we clean up these little long legged, big eared, hairy creatures..take them in and experience each of them in all their cuteness and then that's really when we all fall in love. I was especially thrilled that Honeysuckle gave us a little doe this year. She's as pretty as the moon and so naturally I'm calling her Luna and am very much looking forward to the day when I can put her milk into my fridge!



and playing!

the goatlets: Luna, Buck 1 and Buck 2