Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The season of chaos

Siddy telling Dolly who's boss today

A few very welcomed days of cooler weather and all the goat girls get excited. They know it's almost time to visit BamBam and there's not a moment of peace. Of course he is equally excited. BamBam is an exceptionally sweet and gentle buck. He was a bottle baby and still thinks he is one. On occasion I still sneak him some milk, I love making him happy. Especially when it's so easy.

BamBam the ladies man
The girls on the other hand..they're on edge, fidgety on the milk stand, pushing and shoving over who stands where at the hay rack and at any second a knock down drag out fight will break out if they even look at each other wrong. Not only is there chaos in the barn but as the girls' cycle their milk levels tend to drop too. And when a farm thrives on milk, the lower milk levels tend to put a wrench in everyone's day. But it's just another season..
and probably the hubby's least favorite season ;)

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