Friday, November 9, 2012

little shop of sheep stuff

When I'm not blogging, rest assured there is something else I'm working on..(drum roll please) and here it is folks my little Etsy shop of sheep stuff. 

There could be an entire blog post on what it takes to run an Etsy store. Or maybe I'm just not Etsy savvy..which is extremely likely. But for the Holiday season I'm going to do my very best to keep this little shop stocked with an array of sheep stuff. So check it out. And if you see some things you can't live without - use the coupon code FIRESIDE25 to get 25% off each product. But hurry! The coupon code expires on Sunday (11/11).
of course there are felted acorns

..and some Twisted Sister candles too

Soon to be added! Sugar Baby - organic products for the wee babes

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