Sunday, December 30, 2012

NYR and Grain Sprouting

Every year one of my New Years Resolutions has the health of my sheep and goat girls in mind. After countless hours of research..this year, I'm getting my feet wet in sprouting grains. Besides the fact that it's Winter and it's our farming slow time, there's also not much of anything green and alive coming out of the ground the time for this project seems to be now.
soaking grains

The goal being good for them and great tasting, while also keeping our grain purchases local and lowering the grain intake of the lactating girls. Lowering their grain intake but not sacrificing nutrition - instead we'll be increasing it. The down side..because everything has a down the WORK. There's soaking and multiple rinsing of grains a day and lots of planning ahead. The grains can and will grow mold if you're not careful. Anything that looks or smells suspicious around here goes to those with the iron stomachs..the chickens. Goats and sheep have the sensitive bellies. So for us, this is a serious undertaking.

the family kitchen / grain mill
While in my research I came across a resourceful site on sprouting grains for livestock Land of Havilah . I'm using some grains they recommend and a similar ration amount. I've also included kelp, chickweed, quinoa, peanuts and some lentils to my sprouting. The grains and herbs that have inspired my mix have mostly been for their health benefits and because I can find it locally (without GMO's). If anyone has any wisdom or inspiration to share on sprouting grains for livestock and humans - I would love to hear them. This is rapidly becoming a new passion in my kitchen!

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