Friday, January 18, 2013

Romancing the Snow

The flakes started falling last evening and this morning we awoke to the farm blanketed in snow. Pure and surreal. Our first snow this winter. Most of the animals stayed cozied up in the barn. They are quiet and calm. The silos wear snow caps. The trees, roof edges and fence lines are adorned with icicles. The farm is now a winter wonderland.

It's a romantic feeling to look out the frosty windows of the farmhouse to see the fields, the trees and the old barns in their purest form. Even though we know tomorrow it will all be mud, today its beauty romances us. 
 Snow Cream: 
In a large bowl mix together cream (or milk or both), vanilla extract and sugar (to taste). Stir until dissolved then stir in cup at a time. Delish!
snow cream

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