Wednesday, January 9, 2013

skin deep

freshly poured avocado & sheep milk soap

As the body's largest organ, skin is powerful yet still unappreciated.

Flawless skin is a thing of beauty. We coddle it, we nourish it, we try to improve it. Yet, we regularly dis it as "only" skin, misunderstood and undervalued. It's a shame. Perhaps if we understood our skin, we would appreciate it to the depth it needs and then give it the proper nutrition and respect it deserves. 
my mini lab
When I first started making soaps..admittingly it was because of the excess of our farm's milk. I was putting milk in everything, so why not soap too! Who knew then that this was the start of my venture with skin products. And so my Simply products were born. Simply Soap - Simply Scents - Simply Lotion - Simply Lips - Simply Baby and the list keeps growing. While putting my chemistry fascination to use, I was also vigorously studying on the different skin types, conditions and endless combinations when I came across the Skin Deep website. This site was without a doubt, instrumental to me as I started to put cosmetics together. If you haven't already, I strongly encourage you to check this website out now. It was a complete eye opener to me and since finding this site, I have not purchased or made a product that wasn't up to Skin Deep standards. Extremely grateful for that much needed education! If you've ever wondered about what's in your skin products or if it's even safe..Skin Deep will educate you too.
tea tree, eucalyptus & clay sheep milk soap almost ready to be cut
So now with a lot of what I've learned meshed together with my devotion for wholesome farming is what defines Simply. I'm diligently working on a trademark as well as a patent but all this aside, it's my sincere hope that the passion and gratitude for our farm life is what can be felt in every one of my Simply products.

vegan rough spot cream
 The farm that's in our Simply products: nourishing farm milk, herbs, spring water, wool, herbal teas, herb infused oils & soon to be added our own rendered lard

my Peppermint Clay soap and some pine needle tea = a sinus relief alternative

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