Saturday, January 12, 2013

Whisper Hill Farm

Holly & James - aren't they cute!

What a sweet treat to see our dear friends from Whisper Hill Farm coming down our driveway yesterday! Holly is without a doubt my soul sister. It's been an honor being a part of her life journey and having her be a vital part of mine. Her friendship is pure refreshment. And she brought coconut cream pie!

 Then there's the farm..veggies, breathtaking flowers, rolling hills, more veggies, a greenhouse to die for, a charming farmhouse, more veggies, two great dogs, a repurposed tobacco barn..and more veggies! 

 Whisper Hill Farm is the divine love story. Beautiful from start to finish. How I admire these two amazing people who are so near to my heart. No super fancy equipment..just loads of hard work and a dedication for doing what they love and sharing that passion with others.

We enjoyed lots of coffee, a concert treat played by some local, young and extremely talented musicians (one being our flutist daughter Megan), delicious food and chit chat until the wee hours of the morning.

Nothing like a visit from friends to inspire and warm the heart.

James & Holly's farm in Rapidan VA

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