Monday, February 18, 2013

another shepherdess

I rarely get a chance to surf the blog world and read or follow posts from other bloggers. But when I do, it's like stepping out of my little world and into someone's a sweet joy especially when the new world belongs to those of like mind. You can still relate because your hearts are in the same place but yet the surroundings and stories are different. That inspires me. Over the past couple of months I've come to realize I'm on the other side of this coin by being the one who is doing the inspiring. But as I browse this newly started and discovered blog, I do not feel as though I'm entering into someone else's world...instead it mirrors much of mine. The page titles and story lines, as well as the name of the blog very much mirror my work. I check out the about me profile, that belongs to the author of this blog and I see my words...A Shepherdess in training. Am I inspiring this blogger or is my character being duplicated? I had a lot of thoughts going through my mind during those moments. I've taken the opportunity to browse this individual's facebook page too which also mimics mine. At first discovery this was all completely disheartening...years of intensively hard work..getting to where we are as a family and farm was not easy and to see our work copied and pasted onto someone else's wall with little to no effort...felt a bit insulting. There is no passion there, no tears, no can't feel our can only read it. There's also no doubt the photos in this blog are not mine, the sheep and human faces that are combined with my thoughts are not of my flock, the farm or the tireless faces behind it all. To followers, this will not engage them. The story lines do not mesh with the photos. The heart can be seen through someone else's eyes but not by copying and pasting. My simple hope is that this youngster who spends much of the time following my life would look at hers - make a heart connection with her sheep and tell their story. To use her thoughts and ideas that go along with her photos to complete a picture that mirrors her life. A successful post is not measured by the amount of readers or its's by reaching them. Just one or two..this is success and can only be accomplished by telling your story, from your heart. 

with much love to you all ~ the heart of a shepherdess

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