Sunday, March 24, 2013

because I farm

I guess I am an extremist when it comes to multitasking..there have been times in my life that whenever I was asked to do anything - I did it. From anyone...complete strangers even. I've been amazed at the things that have been asked of me. But even more that I have said yes. If I didn't know how to do what I was being asked - I'd learn..if I didn't particularly enjoy the idea or task - I did it anyway. Maybe not a 2nd time but always did it the first time. No matter what else I had going on at the time, it made no difference..I was a yes kind of person. Funny how the times of the simple life has changed so many things. Who knew that living simply would actually be so complicated!

Now I'm not necessarily the opposite but my response is more like...well...see...we have a farm. I'm still an extreme multitasker...but it's centered around our farming lifestyle. It's complicated to explain. Sure everyone gets tired of hearing it and sure we even get tired of saying it. But it's what we do and who we are...and quite frankly the animals don't really care about any one elses schedule or extra curricular activities. They demand their food and care. Farmers are sometimes looked at through glorified glasses and the simple life looks very appealing. It is without a doubt the most earnestly we've ever lived but before you run out to purchase a dozen fluffy chicks and that too cute for words, baby goat or plan that move to the back hills of the farming country. Here are just a few things you should know: We do not have evenings or weekends off....ever. We do not take vacations and rarely leave the farm. We do not shop at Malls or know what the newest trends are. We do not have a tidy house or an animal-less one. We could not tell you what shows are on TV or what the current topics are on the news. We do not read the newspaper. We do not buy or drive new vehicles. We miss many of our kids' talent shows, recitals, ball games and band concerts. We are rarely on time and usually miss family get togethers. We do not always blend in and we never have extra cash.

And for those that wonder exactly what it is that we do....We work until the sun goes down and get up before the sun rises and more times then not, it does not show. We sleep hard and still lack sleep. We eat home cooked meals around the dinner table. We often smell like farmers and look like it too. We read fencing, farming and animal husbandry books and blogs..when we read. We know our kids and they know us. We know our neighbors. We fix things that break and almost always shop for clothing and most everything else second hand. We drink lots of coffee from a percolator. We are the farm help. We fail daily. We pray. We laugh often. We cuss and yes even weep.

If you're looking for a sound proof reason to say no to lots of things in life...well farming just might be for you! It definitely has its perks and it sure simplifies a lot of things but in no way is it simple.

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