Friday, March 8, 2013

the lamb house

the field lambs
 Without a doubt, every lambing season there will be a couple of bottle babies. This year we had several new moms who needed a little extra encouragement to be good mothers. Sometimes motherhood does not come as naturally for the ewes, as we'd like. Perhaps it's that I'm nearly always present at every birth and not just watching...but readily participating. And so the ewes have decided to take advantage of the midwifery and have me do most of the feedings too. Or they just simply need some lamb rearing 101 and as their Shepherdess, I willingly do both. Many triplets were also born this season and the majority of the ewes are very much capable of raising 3 lambs but the occasional few will ask me to help out. And without hesitation I swoop up these little sweetpeas, tuck them under my arm and head for the warmth of home...and so begins the journey of the lamb house.
there's some cuddling
a bit of teething
a little exploring
a bit more napping

A LOT of milk
and a WHOLE LOT of cleaning

Since I work from home most of the time, the lambs get quite a few visitors and making friends is something they do best. It's true that more times than not, I'm told I'm crazy and obviously silly. I've been asked if I have patience or if our house smells like a barn. And then there are the ones with the blank stare that have no reply. But to all who have stepped onto the front porch have almost immediately asked, what exactly is that galloping noise we're hearing...I just smile and say, those are my house lambs - which is then quickly followed by, would you like to meet them? Silly...maybe. Sometimes stinky..probably. But priceless...definitely.

the games they play

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