Monday, August 5, 2013

I said yes

What did this farm chick say when a friend asked if I'd arrange flowers for her wedding? Well..I said yes. Crazy, I know. But I'm rarely one to back out a challenge or try something new...and honestly I was completely honored to be asked! I am a lot of things around the farm and in my family life but rarely ever a flower arranger, so needless to say Pinterest and Google were my close friends throughout this process. I really didn't know how to pull a bouquet together or how long the flowers would stay alive and look well in a bouquet after it was arranged..I really didn't know a whole lot about anything. Another concern was that I didn't know how I was going to transport them after they were arranged. If all else failed I was going to resort to recruiting family members to each hold and guard a bouquet on the way to the ceremony - it would be a caravan but it would get done. My biggest concern from the beginning though was for the bride, to not just love them but for them to be exactly what she pictured in her mind and for them to compliment her in every way..her dress, her smile and her personality. And since I tend to always over think everything, my thoughts were definitely all over these flower details! So I took a gabillion pictures. Here is just smidge of my farm florist journey ~

boxes, buckets and vases of flowers arrive

some wildflower picking was essential - for inspiration and the actual flowers!
arranging, wrapping, arranging, snipping, arranging, wrapping (behind the scene is children, hubby & even one of my daughter's friends snipping too)
the mother's corsage
bridesmaid bouquets and corsages - staying alive!

maid of honor bouquet
ribbon wrapped stems
the throw bouquet wrapped in burlap
brides bouquet - mainly silk for keepsake

burlap & lace wrapped

hubby's creation for transporting flowers while still being able to keep them in water - GENIUS!

flowers in the rubbermaid, ready to go and fingers crossed for safe travels
flower boxes for the family and bridal tables
flowers secured in every tote and box I could find
the bouquets made it in one piece and are alive. Phew! PS. that cute little flower girl is my niece :-)
bridesmaids looking amazing - the one in the middle giving me the stink eye is my best friend Rachel ;-) hehe
the beautiful bride and her daddy

flower box at the reception
rustic, elegant and simply beautiful - Happy Wedding Day Will & Meg
if I look a bit's because I was but still I must take a pic with my darling niece Reagan..and what's a pic without my photo bombing daughter Megan!
A memorable experience and one I'd do again..but for now, I'm back to tending sheep ~

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