Wednesday, September 4, 2013

happy Hanna - week 2

By now Hanna is feeling really good. Her lyme's treatment has kicked in and she is gaining some needed weight. And now that her bond with me is nice and tight our focus in week 2 was for her to bond with the livestock. Before the end of her first week, the covered cattle trailer where Hanna sleeps and eats was moved into the ram lamb paddock. It's a large paddock with lots of room for Hanna to explore, run and have plenty of her own space too. And in order for her to make the transition to start bonding with the others - I start spending less and less time hanging out with Hanna. Each time I leave her, she is reassured that this is where I need her to stay and that I will return. This farewell is brief but very loving and devoted. A tender moment for us both.

 Day by day she inches closer and closer to them. Soon realizing being in their company is actually kind of nice. They respect her space and she respects theirs.

 Jed the farm king eventually discovers there is a new kid on the block and so...his lessons on who is boss around the farm, begin. Hanna's sweet spirit lets Jed eat his fill first. She does not challenge him when he takes over her cozy quilt and she patiently waits inside the trailer until Jed allows her to leave - she would not go over or around him (he actually laid there in front of the trailer door for a full hour..and she waited!)

By the end of her 2nd week, Hanna is completely relaxed in the pasture. She follows the lambs as they lead and is comfortable enough to nap among them.

 And this girl knows how to relax!

Hanna's trust in me is solid and there's never a doubt where her loyalties lie. She loves my voice, my touch and my company. And this is typically what I see whenever Hanna spots me. A happy Hanna!

Saving just one dog won't change the world, but surely it will change the world for that one dog

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