Sunday, October 6, 2013

hanna's home

As I walked down to the barn this morning, there was a cool calm in the air and the fields were quiet and still. The sunrise was telling me, today's a new beginning with a new story to be told. 
Hanna & Willa Bee sharing some love
 And so I will begin. Yesterday was the day I took Hanna to her new farm. After spending some last moments together with my guardian girls, Hanna jumped in the back of my little car and off we went. She loves to ride and it was a beautiful day for a drive! 

Hanna's ready
 beauty along the way
taking a break and soaking up every sweet minute together
a reassuring snuggle for me and Hanna as we arrive at her new farm
I had decided not to say goodbye to Hanna..after all there is no final farewell between friends. Instead I continue to reassure her and we spend the ride enjoying each others company. Even though it seems she knows these are our last moments together, her trust in me never wavers. My feelings this day were all over the place..excitement for Hanna as she begins this new chapter in her life but I also can't help but grieve a little for me too. 

 Inside all of us, lies our home. Our home is where our hearts are at, it is no different for a dog. And so I find comfort in knowing Hanna has found her way home. She is now equipped to live without me, her instincts have been nurtured and her spirit has blossomed with unmeasurable strength and courage. Hanna is flying today, on her own farm..and I am so proud of her!
checking out her new paddock

  Meeting Trish, one of the farm owners and Hanna's new guardian.

Hanna walking the perimeters while her new goat family checks her out

Hanna's smile says it all.

In less than 8 weeks, a dog was owner surrendered with her sister to a local kill animal shelter. She was adopted out almost immediately and then returned, for reasons unknown. Her euthanasia was then scheduled for August 20, I took her home on August 19 and she became Hanna. Hanna's story is meant to not just inspire but also to share hope, for where there is hope there is life. And where there is life, there is a happy Hanna..all she needed was a chance.

You can read more about Hanna here: Hanna's Journey ~ A Guardian's Tale to Greatness

Thank you to all who have followed along with Hanna & I through this journey, for your generous encouragement and support! Knowing Hanna is a gift, loving her was opening it.


  1. Do you know whatever happened with her sister? I hope it was as beautiful an ending as Hanna's.

    1. I know she was adopted and that's about it, I would love to know more as well!

  2. I am typing in tears as I have had to surrender a guardian that I trained for two and a half years because was ADD and injuring lambs. The breeder is working with her so she can be placed as a pet as she wants to be with the people. We had a great bod and I miss her terribly. So happy to read Hanna' s story. What a special girl and a beautiful story. Now pardon me as I hunt for a tissue.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear about your guardian, there are a lot of tears shed around here so you're not alone. Perhaps your guardian will find a new job, maybe a child or a home to guard and there will still be a happy ending. I will hope nothing but the best for her. But I am so sorry for your pain in letting her go, my heart goes out to you. I miss Hanna every day.