Saturday, October 26, 2013

homemade laundry soap

If there is something I can make instead of buying it already made..I'm going to do it! Laundry soap has to be one of the most economical things to make vs. buying You may not get that Tide or Gain smell but is that really such a bad thing? All those fake scents aren't what they're cracked up to be anyway. 
 I used to sell buckets and buckets of my goat milk laundry soap at the farmers market and here's how I make it!

2 boxes of washing soda (arm & hammer - 55oz)
1 box of borax (20 mule team - 76oz)
1 large 8oz or more bar of soap (I made my own goat milk bar of soap specifically for laundry and used only essential oils to scent or left it completely unscented - if not using a concentrated laundry soap bar, you may need to add another bar of soap)
1 cup of baking soda (if you do not like baking soda, you can easily omit it or add extra's like oxy-clean in addition to the baking soda or instead)

I used a stick blender to grind the grated soap and a little borax together to get the soap to a consistency I liked. Then added all ingredients to a bucket and mixed well with my hand. This will fill a 2 gallon bucket and be over 190oz of laundry soap. This is not detergent, so it is mild, non-sudsing and safe for all washing machines. Even the front loaders. And it got really special rave reviews from those that were looking for that gentle but sufficient clean for clothe diapers.
1 tablespoon will wash 1 normal sized load - heavily soiled load may need 2 tablespoons. Wallah and you're set for laundry soap for a loooong time and depending on where you get your'll spend less than $20 for 2 gallons of it which will wash over 400 loads. And you have complete control over your ingredients. What is not to love about homemade!!


  1. Isn't it awesome to bring the southwest to the southeast?! I am an Okie farm girl, considered southern, and fell in love 41 years ago to a New Mexico boy. 40 years and 6 months we have now been married. Your tamale story is similar to mine. However, my mother-in-law Consuela Melendez did not teach me, her mom did. Abuelita taught all of us "granddaughters" to make tamales and I have made them ever since. My granddaughter, age 7 is now making them with me. We lived in New Orleans for 4 years while my husband went to seminary. While there, my inlaws would send burlap bags of green chiles from Hatch, NM to us. It was alway an adventure when I roasted on the gas grill outside our apartment and people did not know what the chiles were. I often made large amounts of enchiladas to share with my seminary neighbors.

    We live in Albuquerque, but not in an area where I can have goats. However, I do have chickens.

    I pray you have many blessings in this new year.

    1. Loved reading your comment, thank you for introducing yourself and sharing your story! Happy New Year to you and yours!

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