Sunday, November 24, 2013

a simple farmer's morning

steer and bunny feeding makes no difference how much we try to keep bunny in his on the ground hutch, he will chew, dig and squeeze through everything and anything he can to get back in with the steers. Love knows no color or size..and so he has earned the name Lucky bunny.
definitely a lucky bunny

flock check
breakfast with my girls
Willa Bee
sleep, play and eat
Mischa the 6 year old Lhasa Apso who started out as a foster dog from the city last year..has now, by choice, found his calling being a farm dog. He's a permanent member of the family and assists me daily, in all things farm related..he loves getting dirty, eating chicken poop, sunbathing in the field and is a pro at herding chickens and lambs who have wondered too far from the flock..there has never been a more contented dog.
the feathered and fuzzy
best fence jumper on the planet
morning conversation..Missy Kitty & Ziggy
One of my favorite farmer unknown. 
 I am a simple farmer, working hard from dawn to set..And I never seem to reach the end of the toil and troubles met. I never have a "dull" day - and in all my years of toil, God blessed me with persistence - to master beast and soil. At times it seems an endless chain, the links so strong and tight...but when times get worse - I never quit - I just buckle down and fight. And when God does choose to reward me, it comes in the simplest form...In the beauty of a newborn lamb or the soil so rich and warm. And the family that He gave me, like the growing of the grain...fills my life with meaning that could never be the same. And in times of peace and solitude, as I watch the setting sun...over fruitful fields both rich and green, I can say, "A job well done".


  1. I LOVE the photos of the bunny with your steers! Too awesome :) And your Willa is gorgeous, we have a Great Pyrenees so I have a major soft spot for them!

    1. thank you for the feedback Kim! It's great hearing from other GP admirers too..Willa sends her love :)