Friday, November 8, 2013

milkless body butter made by the milkmaid

that's a catchy post title huh :) Well I am the milkmaid..milking the goat & ewe girls, toting it, straining it, refrigerating it and then there's all the things that I make with it. Since we allow the girls to dry off naturally during the winter months so they can relax and prepare for their spring leaves us milkless. And it only seems fitting that some of my body butters would then be milkless too. But do not think that this body butter is anything less than heavenly just because it lacks milk. Where I omitted milk, I have added organic shea butter and our own spring fed farm water. I've been configuring this formula for some time now and the latest versions are on the thick-like-butter side and smooth and moisturizing. I don't make a body butter without my favorite jojoba oil and essential oils too - the warm vanilla also contains some of my homemade Mexican vanilla. And last but not least, I've designed a lovely label and put my Alpine girl Gidge smack in the middle - just so you don't forget that even though it doesn't contain her milk, it is still all things beautiful and as always, naturally milkmaid made :)


Eliza sweet talking Gaston


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