Monday, January 13, 2014

a year of farm wife ramblings

I'm guilty of rambling (imagine that)..and some days there is more rambling than others. Looking back on our farm facebook page I noticed just how much daily rambling I tend to do. I copied and pasted below, some of the highlights from last year. Good memories, sad ones, fun and silly ones. Never a dull moment being a farm wife!

January 12, 2014:  Riding shotgun on the way to get more plumbing supplies in my
favorite sweater while munching on warm out of the oven granola and
thinking it's a shame barn plumbing & homemade granola don't last as long
as my 22 yr old sweater.

January 3, 2014:  I listened to the wind howl all night and was reminded of an older lady out west who's hubby was a cowboy. I called her Miss Sally and used to help her clean which she called their ranch house. If you've ever been out west you already know the wind blows 99% of the time and we aren't talking about a soft breeze, it's an earth moving type of wind. One day while I was washing windows on the ranch house and I had to hold onto the window not to be blown off the ladder while miss Sally was inside watching me. She was a small woman but her voice was not and she yelled through the closed window, this is why ranch women were famous in the west for going slam crazy. It's the wind that's driving us! Whenever I hear the wind blowing, I think of miss Sally..she still makes smile and today I'm thankful that I don't have to wash her windows in the wind!

December 27, 2013: I rarely do any types of pampering for myself but this week my daughter cut my hair and my sister in law scheduled a facial and a massage for me and since she was driving, my options of seeing these appointments through weren't really optional Sitting in the waiting room, I'm filling out the necessary paperwork and reminded of another reason I tend to stay clear of this kind of pampering, when the questionnaire asks details about the skin products I use..I simply answered by writing homemade by all the questions - that seemed simpler than writing down the entire formula for each product, which I would've gladly done...but you know, I'm trying NOT to stand out. With the paper work done I head to the back to undress..for a farm girl who doesn't have snazzy undergarments and upscale manicuring this is AWKWARD. So in my ratty unmentionables I'm laying on a padded table covered with egyptian cotton sheets so soft I'm struggling to stay on them, by this point I'm literally shaking so an extra thick and toasty warm blanket was brought in to cover me and I'm looking up at a young very well dressed guy who starts speaking to me so kindly and softly that I thought maybe I had died and gone to heaven. The music playing in the background was of waves crashing on a far off beach and the island wildlife could be heard singing and dancing in the distance. My skin is now being prepped for pampering and it feels as if I'm drifting in and out of conscientiousness and then he says this, "You have beautiful skin - what product line do you use again?" Oh yes, heaven that's where I was at. If there is a moral to the rambling, I suppose it would be that sometimes simple and even homemade skin care is best and that dudes ROCK at massages! Go get yourself a massage farm chicks, no regrets here.

December 17, 2013:  Went on a quick drive with Tommy and on the way back we see a young deer laying down beside the road, it was obvious she had been hit by a car and was suffering. After Tommy stopped and was checking her out someone else came by too. Men seem to have a gift for assessing such a situation and then handling it quickly and efficiently. The doe is no longer suffering and is being prepped to feed a family for the winter..all this happened in about 3 minutes. It impressed me greatly.

December 15, 2013:  Winter moon you sure are beautiful tonight.

December 7, 2013:  So I've been thinking about getting a milk cow..seriously considering and am going over all the pros and cons. What do normal people do on a Saturday night?

December 2, 2013: Milk shares ended for the season but we have our own personal milk goat that keeps us in milk for awhile longer..well this last wk she has decided no more milking for her. Guess since the other girls were dried off, she wanted to be too. Can't even hardly squeeze a drop out of her. To a raw milk lover..this is tragic. I plan to sweet talk her and bring her extra treats and beg her to change her mind. After buying a gallon of store milk over the wknd..I may even offer her a room in the house.

November 28, 2013: At midnight the house was dimly lit and so quiet that I tip toed preparing some of our processed pork for the oven, when life is quiet isn't it incredible all that pops into our heads and hearts..I was overwhelmed with thankfulness and how thanksgiving is something to celebrate everyday..I am thankful for so much.

November 16, 2013: Since it's a dreary start to the weekend here, it looks like I will be working on the multiple boxes of apples that have been accumulating in the kitchen, cleaning and bottling a couple of 5 gallon buckets full of raw honey from an awesome trade and at least 8 roosters that need to go in the freezer. Winter is coming and I'm especially thankful today for opportunities to fill the pantry and freezer.

November 15, 2013:  I'm snuggled up to my percolator full of freshly ground and brewed coffee and looking out the frosty breakfast window that faces my ewe paddock. Thankful all is well out there and that I can sit and sip for awhile longer this morn.

November 2, 2013:  look who was out and about this eve with her whole brew of chitlins in tow.
October 4, 2013:  That exciting moment you spot a new to you push broom laying in the middle of the road..for anyone who's missing a push broom - thanks, it's a nice one!

October 14, 2013:  Feeding and milking was a group effort this eve since it's our boy Derek's 19th birthday, forgot how entertaining chores are when we do them together.

August 27, 2013:  Woke up to fight in the ram pen, no time to even get dressed, just threw on some boots and started running. I was still too late. Stupid boys. They will fight to their death and they did. Stupid stupid boys. Drenched in snot and tears, I wish going back to bed and starting this day over was an option. Mother nature is beautiful and also painfully harsh. Day #1,675 on the farm.

August 16, 2013:  Scouring the water trough in the ram paddock is risky business, especially this time of year..thankful for the eyes in the back of my head that motherhood provided!

August 7, 2013:  Finally located the source of the unbelievably horrible smell in the milk barn - a headless squirrel, 3 dehydrated mice and 1 decaying pigeon tucked behind the steps..and no way to get them out except to use my hands. The downside to barn cats but they looked very pleased with themselves as they watched me sprawled face first on the steps trying not to gag on the stench and retrieve piece by piece of their recent and not so recent kills. At least now I know where they keep their stash...

July 27, 2013:  We have a movable hoop house that our young hens stay in until they're old enough to free range. The hoop house is moved a couple times a week to keep things clean and give the youngsters fresh browse. This morn as the hoop house was being moved by Tommy, I see a young chicklet caught under the side and about ready to be smushed so naturally I panic and I'm told I let out the kind of blood curdling scream that would be coming out of someone who was getting a limb severed off. Today I was the cause of the heart holding, deep breathing kind of scare..I am a tough farm girl most of the time but still a girl I guess. The good news, both the chicklet and Tommy's heart are now ok.

 May 28, 2013: That time of the day where you can hear the sun setting..the birds are singing the day is done lullaby, the mother ewes are calling their lambs up from the field, the barn rafters are fluffy with hens, the clanking of the bells that the goat girls wear are now quiet, the evening breeze can be heard sweeping through the tops of the field grass..that time of the day that speaks without saying a word. Farm sweet farm..oh how I love this place.

April 25, 2013: The only thing on a bottle babies mind..who is that and does she have our milk?
 April 20, 2013:  I picked bouquets of dandelions for my goat girls this morn - they love to eat them and picking flowers is still pretty fun even when you're all grown up.

March 31, 2013: Growing up I wore homemade dresses and slept under handmade knotted quilts and comforters made by my much I took for granted. So now when my mom quilts me a darling little sheep picture for my birthday, it brings me to tears..just one of the many reasons I love and appreciate her.

 March 27, 2013: 1:30am triplet feeding. Check. Thankful they're all 3 starting to drink's been touch and go for 2 of them. Now to tuck my milk and baby goat pee covered self, back into bed..

March 12, 2013:  Sitting around the breakfast table listening to the rain on the metal roof, watching lambs play in the puddles and looking at our lamb stats this season..this is the most lambs we've had yet and a large portion of them are already reserved for their future farms. It's been a long winter but a good one for this sheep farm!

March 7, 2013:  Holy buckets of mud..we are now a mud farm!

March 1, 2013:  Lambs fed, pups fed, ewes and goats in waiting fed, rams fed, buck fed, guardians fed, pigs scratched, lots of heads rubbed..and ewes milked! Not enough milk for cheese just yet..but soon, in the mean time I will be whipping up some lovely sheep milk lotion. Yay for milk!

February 20, 2013:  A cold triplet was born this morn, she's getting warmed up inside with me and getting her belly full of warm colostrum too before rejoining her mom and siblings. 17 healthy, vibrant lambs on the farm so far - 12 ewes/5 rams.

February 1, 2013:  It's that kind of cold today that shakes your bones..burrr! I headed down this morn to check on Reina and her babes..she had them swaddled up like pigs in a mama on the farm!

January 25, 2013:  20 brand new little paws born on the farm today..mama and babies are doing great.

farm sweet farm at sunset

The Chicken Chick

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