Wednesday, January 22, 2014

the season of snow

sunrise before the storm
the farm is quiet as the storm moves in
Nothing has made me appreciate the weather more than it has since I have been a farmer. And the weather this winter has been so unpredictable for me - the day before this snow hit we were a pretty cozy 60 degrees. The drastic temperature changes are especially hard on the animals.

coming home from work that afternoon the snow has arrived. Reina is always waiting for me and making sure I get back home safe. Even in the snow, she runs to greet me.
it's Barbossa the lamb's first snow (and proof that apparently these ewes are having nightly flings with the rams that I know nothing about! Barbossa was a surprise.)
soaking up sunshine
a few of the chickens found a sunny spot next to a hay bale
time to thaw out another frozen watering bucket
Keeping the water thawed and the livestock warm, well and fed is the daily goal. And quite often, that takes all day. As beautiful as the snow in winter is, it's also exhausting. The nights are long and every ounce of sunshine is accounted for and not wasted. Winter here on the farm is not only the season of snow but it is also the season of accountability. What we planned and prepared for and what we did not, will show in one way or the other. There are plenty of winter weeks ahead of us but even with the extremely cold temps, the farm is peaceful and all is well. We are thankful.

tradition: when it snows, the guardians and the chickens get warm oatmeal

Willa Bee gets breakfast in bed

The winter tree is fast asleep, she dreams in reams of snow knee deep, of children climbing up her trunk, of white-tailed deer and gray chipmunk, of picnics, hammocks and short sleeves, and leaves and leaves and leaves and leaves.          Douglas Florian

 ~sending toasty warm thoughts to you all.

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