Friday, March 28, 2014

The Lamb Called Toto

It seems all the good things in my life, started with animals. So it makes perfect sense that my first published book would star a sweet little lamb who I call Toto. This 5x7 soft covered book is 20 pages of real life colored photos and each of the first 100 copies will be signed by me. It starts from the beginning where I found Toto lying abandoned in the field on a very frozen winter's morning. A short story with simple text for beginner readers but one that will also tug at the heart of all who read it. A little lamb with a big heart and a warrior's strength to survive. 
This book is dedicated to all the little lambs I have been blessed to know and love over the years. Each one of their sweet faces are forever imprinted on my heart.
A special thank you to all of you, who have so generously supported me in my passion for shepherding. Me & Toto send our love to all ~

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Monday, March 17, 2014

the season of Lambs & Toto

 What a lambing season it has been! Our family has been running after lambs for a solid month now - through snow, sleet, freezing wind and all hours of the day and night, lambs were being born. A total of 42 so far, with 1 ewe still left to lamb. We had 1 stillborn lamb death this season but the rest have been vibrant, thriving, beautiful little lambs!
first lamb of the season was born to our girl Babe - he's a big boy we call Barbossa

Barbossa & friends
helping a new mom in the field and warming up a cold newborn
and then there was Toto - while walking around the field at dawn one morning, I found this little nearly lifeless lamb frozen in the snow. He had been too cold to walk back up to the barn with his mom and twin sister, so he laid down and waited for me. He was tube fed for the first day and has made a miraculous recovery. He battles with poor circulation in his legs and struggles to run and jump like the other lambs but he proves to us everyday what mighty warriors these little lambs are. And so I called him Toto.

Toto's twin sister, Elsa

Toto got an X-ray and a whole lot of loving from the girls at Blackstone Animal Clinic - Tammy the Vet Tech is a shepherdess at heart too!

Kristin & Toto

Toto makes friends and receives so much love everywhere he 

Dana & Toto

our son Derek who is a shepherd in the making, helps deliver breech twins in the field.

a nursing newborn is a beautiful sight
it's not an odd thing to see a few or more lambs in the house this time of year

Toto love

Reina loves Toto too.

weighing lambs is part of raising them
lambs on a warm day

never a dull moment with a field full of these sweet faces

I have been so inspired this season by my lambs and especially by the sweet encouragement of friends and our farm supporters, that I sat down and wrote a children's book about Toto, the frozen lamb. It is currently at the printer and will be available for sale here on my blog in just a couple of weeks. What a season it has been. Cheers to lambs!