Wednesday, December 24, 2014

splendid holiday, simple delight

Christmas eve morn and all is calm. The tree lights are flickering through the window in the little farmhouse in the field. A cold rain hitting the metal roof outside while all is warm and cozy inside. 3 farm kids sleeping toasty in their beds and 4 furry, pawed kids dreaming of catching the squeaky balls that bounce in their heads. Indeed it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here.
With Christmas comes a year in review, for me. I am pulled to hibernate during this season and soak in all of the simpleness, so even the smallest of things aren't missed. The beauty of a winter sky, a star filled night, a brilliant sunrise, tattered old wool mittens, heavy thick winter coats on the guardians, growing bellies in the sheep flock, nestling hens among the stacked hay towers, a warm and colorful knitted hat, the coo of the pigeons nesting in the silo, the smell of coffee brewing, a comforting front porch, the melody the goat girls' bells make, the after nap stretches of a happy barn kitty. The smallest of things hold so much beautiful delight.
Dinner is simmering in the kitchen and its aroma seeps throughout every crack in the house. A tradition I have tried my hardest to hold onto, making Christmas Tamales. A born and raised Virginia girl making Mexican Tamales. I'm not sure how that even works but somehow, it pulls itself together. The house is not neat and tidy, it rarely if ever is. There are lots of muddy barn boots at every single door. Endless coats, hats, gloves and chore pants to wash. Dirty dishes galore. Christmas clutter in every corner of the room complete with paw prints that cover most of the farmhouse floor. Friends are coming to visit in the farmhouse that is not so clean but without worry we will eat and be merry, for this is truly what a holiday gathering means.

A reflection of a year passed with our share of tough experiences and some precious ones too. We've got to be thankful for them all, for it is all of them that make you - you! A fresh year ahead and lots of changes for me, it is a little terrifying and yet, a lot exciting too. It's the year of the sheep with more adventures on the horizon, a new journey for this farm with many new memories to make. Sprouting and growing and closing a new chapter. Holding on tight to hope, giving sweet thanks and of course sharing with all of you along the merry way. :)

 Happy Holidays dear friends!