Monday, July 25, 2016

grateful moments

If you know me at all, you know well by now that I write. I write when I'm silly, when I'm sad, when I'm blown away by gratitude. Often I write just to figure out exactly how I'm feeling and to say what my heart needs to hear and see. The past few weeks I've really been stretched as most of us are during the summer season. My mom had surgery a few weeks back, I haven't been able to care for her and her duties as much as I'd have liked to, medical stuff for our youngest kid has popped up on a weekly basis since the beginning of the summer that has required multiple trips each week to the big cities, on a little anniversary weekend rare getaway the hubby and I shared - my debit card was stolen..and used a lot, one of my Pyrs went missing for a few days, one of my favorite young ewes was struck and killed by lightning as she took shelter under a large mimosa tree while a fierce summer storm came quickly blowing in and all while an older matriarch ewe died from heat exhaustion.
The hot rains have brought weeds as tall as the backs of the flock, grasses as thick as carpet, mud, flies and hoof sores too, as well as failed soaps and spoiled grains, just to name a few. The norm has been a hectic weight. I'm a shepherd and shepherds are thinkers and so during all of this I have surely written a book of thoughts. While being the ever optimist even I get well over weighted with the details. So much we all have that we fiercely love and care about and are loyal to, how sweet then are the days when you can make sense of it all. While I set schedules, doctor appointments, mended critters and said goodbye to some, threw out cloopy soap and molded grain, laid awake with worry for my missing guardian and if the debit card issues were ever going to get resolved, for the health of my parents and my children, I surely was setting myself up for some really grateful moments. I hadn't enjoyed any quiet time watching the sunrise for quite a few days, I hadn't stroked the mud clumped fur of a precious pawed member of my pack without noticing the mud, I sweated in the humid heat of the day without acknowledging the swift breeze or the clouds that shielded the rays. How quickly we forget when we are overwhelmed. If you're overwhelmed today, you too are setting yourself up for some really grateful moments. Take those moments and hold onto them with both hands my friends, if we can look with our hearts to see them, the grateful moments are everywhere. The value of just one of those moments is bigger than a dozen of my worries. 

Recently I jotted the above thoughts down on our farm's facebook page. I admit to sharing my heart very freely - even when it's not popular and even when it often takes a rather large dose of courage to do it. My heart visibly is worn on my sleeve. After receiving so much feedback from facebook friends, I thought I'd share the post here as well. Life's journey isn't always peaches and cream, for any of us. The journey is truly what we make of it.