Farmstead Milk Soaps

all my milk soaps start with milk we gather from our lovely flock of East Friesian dairy sheep and our stunning herd of French Alpine dairy goats. The animals are lovingly cared for like all members of our family. A well loved and fed goat or sheep is a happy goat or sheep and a happy goat or sheep produces lots of creamy delicious milk. We love milk and the ewe and goat milk are what sustains the farm. Each of my milk soaps are handmade in small batches using lye, olive, avocado, coconut & sweet almond oils as well as organic shea, cocoa, aloe and avocado butters. The butters add extra moisture to the already vitamin enriched milk. Most of my soaps contain herbs and teas that are organically grown and tended here on the farm as well as all natural plant or vegetable based colors for added artistic beauty. I consider each bar a unique piece of handcrafted artwork free from chemicals and artificial additives. Therapeutic grade essential oils are then added to custom complete each bar. Bars are made in our farm kitchen and cured for at least 4 weeks. Curing allows the soap to harden and the longer it cures, the milder the soap. There is a gentle milky lather and I hope all who use my soaps will feel the sweet harmony of our farm in every suds. If you have any questions about my products, please feel free to ask. Soaps are always in high demand and quantities are always limited. So if the soap you like is in stock, don't wait too long :) cheers to milk and the beautiful girls that so graciously give it to us ~

To purchase any of my milk soaps and body products, click on the link below to be directed to our little online farm store: Farm Web Store

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